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Teach First

Year 1: Autumn term

In this module you’ll explore what effective learning environments look like and strategies you can use to achieve them.

In this module you’ll explore the findings and evidence gathered during studies of how pupils learn, and the related implications for teaching.

Year 1: Spring term

In this module you’ll hear an education expert talking about the features of effective classroom practice and why they are so important. You’ll then explore the features in detail and have time to plan them into your sequences of lessons.

In this module you’ll hear from education experts about why assessment should be at the heart of your teaching. You’ll also explore ways to give purposeful feedback to your pupils and what you can learn from summative data sets.

Year 1: Summer term

In this module you’ll hear a variety of educational specialists talk about ways to support all pupils to succeed across the curriculum, and why this is so important.

In this module you’ll learn how to design a carefully sequenced and coherent scheme of work, and how this will improve learning for your pupils.

Year 2: Autumn term

Revisit how to help pupils journey from needing extrinsic motivation to being motivated to work intrinsically.

Consider the subject-specific skills you teach. Identify strategies to help pupils develop knowledge and skills.

Year 2: Spring term

Explore ways to model concepts and make abstract concepts concrete.

Identifying common misconceptions and supporting pupils to avoid them.

Year 2: Summer term

Explore the importance of talk in developing oral language and improved literacy.

Recap the importance of foundational concepts, sequencing, prior knowledge and building mental models.