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Reminder of key takeaways

Ms Thomas’s expositions will better match pupil needs if she understands:

  • the importance of preventing pupil overload by first building on prior knowledge
  • the ‘I-We-You’ approach helps her to ensure she manages pupil thinking and working memory effectively
  • using concrete and abstract examples, modelling, and worked examples in expositions supports pupils when introducing new concepts and processes
  • checking pupil understanding prior to letting them practise independently can be a powerful approach

Reflect on the following questions

  1. What did you see in this module that you already do or have seen in other classrooms?
  2. What do you feel is the gap between your current practice and what you have seen in this module?
  3. Which of the ‘key takeaways’ do you need to focus on? Where and when might you try to apply them to your teaching?