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Reminder of key takeaways

Ms Brophy can make better instructional decision by understanding that:

  • learning is a lasting change in pupil capabilities and understanding - if nothing is remembered, nothing has been learned
  • effective instruction takes pupil working and long-term memory into account
  • effective instruction involves explicitly teaching the knowledge and skills pupils need in small steps, ensuring a high success rate. Retrieval and practice help them remember what they have learnt
  • the ‘I-We-You’ model is a useful rule of thumb for instructional decisions
  • pupils learn at different rates and have different levels of prior knowledge, so effective teachers guide practice and adapt instruction and pupil grouping to provide further support for these pupils
  • once explicit teaching has been mastered, instruction can be further refined through developing questioning, talk and feedback

Reflect on the following questions

  1. What did you see in this module that you already do or have seen in other classrooms?
  2. What do you feel is the gap between your current practice and what you have seen in this module?
  3. Which of the ‘key takeaways’ do you need to focus on? Where and when might you try to apply them to your teaching?