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Reminder of key takeaways

Ms Foden can promote positive pupil behaviour and an effective learning environment by understanding that:

  • holding high expectations, creating an effective learning environment and managing behaviour effectively all positively impact pupil learning outcomes
  • creating an effective learning environment over time can also have benefits for classroom relationships, pupil attitudes to learning, pupil wellbeing and wider outcomes and wider school culture
  • teachers can create effective learning environments through proactive, reactive and escalation strategies
  • teachers can foster further effective learning behaviours through developing behaviours that help pupils to learn more successfully
  • teacher expectations play an important (yet complex) role in influencing pupil behaviour and learning
  • balancing the challenge and support that teachers provide in order that pupils experience success is key

Reflect on the following questions

  1. What did you see in this module that you already do or have seen in other classrooms?
  2. What do you feel is the gap between your current practice and what you have seen in this module?
  3. Which of the ‘key takeaways’ do you need to focus on? Where and when might you try to apply them to your teaching?