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Autumn week 6

Mentor materials

Observation discussion - practise using a low stakes quiz to strengthen pupils’ retrieval

Teaching techniques to focus feedback on




To practice using a low stakes quiz to strengthen pupils’ retrieval.


Observe your teacher using a low-stakes quiz to strengthen pupil’s retrieval. When observing consider where they:

  • Consider pupils prior knowledge
  • Ask a variety of questions that recap what pupils have already learnt about
  • Address misunderstandings if they arise

Praise, probe and set precise actions

The following practise should be focused around the outcomes of the probe and precise actions, so that it is specific to your teacher’s developmental needs. However, below are some practise ideas based on the online study content to support you if needed.

Plan and practice ideas

Work with your teacher to support them in either improving their current low stakes quiz or improving how they deliver the quiz and respond to pupils’ answers.

Key questions/talking points

  1. How does a quiz help to develop pupils’ mental model?
  2. Why is it important to revisit and recap knowledge over time?
  3. How could you build further receival practice into the rest of the topic?