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6.2 Good assessment helps teachers avoid being over-influenced by potentially misleading factors, such as how busy pupils appear.

6.3 Before using any assessment, teachers should be clear about the decision it will be used to support and be able to justify its use.

6.4 To be of value, teachers use information from assessments to inform the decisions they make; in turn, pupils must be able to act on feedback for it to have an effect.

6.7 Working with colleagues to identify efficient approaches to assessment is important; assessment can become onerous and have a disproportionate impact on workload.

6b. Drawing conclusions about what pupils have learned by looking at patterns of performance over a number of assessments (e.g. appreciating that assessments draw inferences about learning from performance).

6c. Choosing, where possible, externally validated materials, used in controlled conditions when required to make summative assessments.